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Especially For You Quilts

Hand Made...Heart Inspired

Especially For You Quilts

Edge to Edge (All over design) ($ .020 per sq. inch)

This is any edge to edge (E2E) design that will compliment the quilt and is quilted throughout the quilt.

Edge to Edge with Border ($ .025 per sq. inch)

This is any edge to edge design with a separate one border design.

Custom Free-hand ($ .030 - .035 per sq. inch)

This is complex/dense quilting that involves, motifs, block design, and stencil work design.

Custom Complex ($ .040 - .055 per sq. inch)

This is heirloom/show quality quilting that involves, very dense designs, micro-stippling, stitch-in-ditch, multiple border designs.

T-Shirt and Memory Quilts ($22-$25 per shirt)

Lets us make that special quilt from those special shirts and items that hold special memories!

How to calculate cost

To determine the cost of quilting, you must first multiply the width and length of your quilt top to get the square inches, then multiply that number by the quilting price.

For example:

quilt measures 70 in width 90 in length

70x90=6300 sq. inches

6300 x .020(lvl 3) = $126.00

There is a $2.00 thread charge. For two colors or more, there is a $2.50 thread charge for each additional color.